Porter & Davies (Endorsement)

Harrison is proud to endorse Porter & Davies.

Porter & Davies is Harrison’s latest endorsement. Harrison uses the ‘Porter & Davies’ system on his current gig ‘Mrs Henderson Presents’ where the bass & drums are in a separate room to the rest of the orchestra.

Harrison uses the BC2rm version of the ‘Porter & Davies’ monitoring system with a ‘Porter & Davies’ throne which has been adapted to fit the ‘Roc n Soc’ Lunar model seat.

Here is a little more info about the BC2 model:

‘The BC2 / BC2rm is an amplified Tactile Generator Monitor System which turns the bass drum signal (and other signals if required) into “tactile sound” up through the drum stool. You feel it and hear it, but no one else does. This works mainly through bone conduction. The result is far more sophisticated than a simple “thump”. All of the tone and intricacies of the bass drum sound and impact are felt and heard internally.

The BC2 / BC2rm is a two unit system consisting of an “Engine” which contains all of the electronics: – Amp, preamp, inputs and outputs, protection circuitry, and volume and tone controls, and the throne top.

The Patented BC2 Throne is an all-in-one unit in which we internally mount the highest quality and most efficient Tactile Transducer available. There is zero compromise on build quality.’

Harrison will be uploading an artist press release for ‘Porter & Davies’ in the next few weeks so please keep an eye out in the latest news.

Please visit: www.porteranddavies.co.uk for more information.

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