The Bass Bar (Endorsement)

Harrison is proud to endorse ‘The Bass Bar’ invented by UK bassist Pete Moore.

This tripod stand is designed as a really fast and stable way to lay down your double bass. Perfect for quick instrument changes, but also great just as a stand. The bar and tripod separate for ease of transportation and storage. Sturdy all steel constriction, rubber feet and ends with protective neoprene covering on the bar. Suitable for all bass sizes.

Here is what Harrison thinks about the bass bar:

‘I think I can speak for the majority of bass players when I say we all have more gear than we will ever need/require, and most of it will never even get out of the front door, never mind on a gig with us! Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth with ‘The Bass Bar’. For years I had the dilemma of how to stand my bass, I had tried various different stands and none did it for me, this is until I met Pete and heard about the Bass Bar. Being a bassist himself, Pete understands exactly what us bassists want and thats what he has delivered (I just wish I had thought of it!). A transportable, sturdy and practical stand that enables us to lay the bass down quickly in a small space and with minimal effort. Ever since getting my ‘Bass Bar’ its been on every single gig with me, in fact I now have 2 (one for the pit and one for freelance). Thank you to Pete and all the Bass Bar team for making all our bass community lives easier.’

Please visit: for more information

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